Announcement: A Break for Spring, A Boom for Summer

When I announced The Balcony’s reopening late last summer, I expected that I would continue to cover the world of film and other media at a good clip while working on my Master’s at Concordia University. Alas, I published fewer columns and reviews than expected, mostly due to the unforeseen weight of my coursework and the intensity of preparing a thesis proposal. Unfortunately, while studying film should have given me the spark to post here more occasionally, the steadily compiling work for my classes (as well as my freelance jobs) ensured I could not contribute to The Balcony as often as I would have liked.

However, with the semester wrapping up in under two weeks, and the arrival of the Hot Docs festival in Toronto shortly after, I plan to continue writing for The Balcony at a more sustained rate throughout the late spring and summer. I will be back in early May and have more than half a dozen columns in mind (not including the occasional new release review). I hope you all stay tuned.

A few hints for some of the subjects of features I hope to write during the break from classes (and beyond this summer period) are in the images below.

phoenix-1030x4401024700-look-background-art-studio-ghibli-s-spirited-awayfranceshacrazyex635919796063175340-1839951261_48010_469318156471393_389015349_n1-e1366654931168Oslo August 31stI’ll see you at the movies,